Home For Christmas


We have saved Christmas at our new North Shore Mall location in Peabody, Massachusetts.  We are next to Nordstrom's and look forward to delivering Christmas Cheer for you to hear!


Our store was recently featured in the Daily Inter Lake news.

"Rob Willington says the Home for Christmas store he and his wife, Bette, opened three months ago in Whitefish is as much a ministry as it is a retail business."

Here is our latest radio ad promoting our new Christmas store in Whitefish, Montana.  The ad shares our unique Christmas items and highlights our Thomas Kinkade lighted tapestries and hand crafted Santa Clauses.   

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Click the speaker below to listen to our new Snowflake commercial airing in Whitefish, Montana:

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Click the speaker below to listen to our latest radio ad airing in Whitefish, Montana.

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Our deep history with the Thomas Kinkade line of products has given us leverage to pass on affordable Thomas Kinkade products quickly to you for the Christmas season.

As an officially licensed Thomas Kinkade gallery starting back in 1991 we have know the beauty and coziness that is conveyed when lighting up a Thomas Kinkade lighted tapestry for the first time.

We sell additional products beyond the Thomas Kinkade tapestry line such as other non lighted Christmas tapestries, snow globes, ornaments, cards, and the very popular snowflake necklace.

We purchase the coziest of the cozy products to light up your home or office for the Christmas season in a way that would make Thomas Kinkade proud.

Below is a delightful video of Thomas Kinkade discussing his love, work, and appreciation of the Christmas holiday season.