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We are a cozy store in Montana creating a joyful experience for your Christmas holiday.

Snowfall in the Moonlight

I recently had the awe inspiring Joy of leaving Home for a stroll on a cold snowy night. It had snowed during the day with an accumulation of about six inches of powder, the stars were twinkling against a deep blue sky and a half moon was flooding the landscape with myriads of diamonds. Spruce trees laden with snow were shimmering in the faint light and for that moment I had walked into a Thomas Kinkade winter wonderland. I paused to express my Thanks to my Heavenly Father and found myself asking him to include this landscape with all its glory ,as a small part of Heaven.

Posted 493 weeks ago

Santa discovered shopping at Home for Christmas.

Santa was spotted at our store doing some shopping. He is here in Mt. having his massive sled repaired. Rudolf did not make the trip due to a runny nose and stiff neck. Prancer and Dancer however will lead the team as they perform some practice runs over Flathead Lake. Santa was here to check out the new Thomas Kinkade lighted tapestries. He told us that Mrs. Claus was intent on owning the tapestry titled Memories of Christmas. Needless to say no one has more memories than Santa and his wife.

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Full Page story appears in the Interlake newspaper

The Home for Christmas Store in Whitefish Mt. was the talk of the Valley after a well known reporter placed a full page story with photo’s in the Daily InterLake newspaper on Thanksgiving Day. The next day being Black Friday we were swamped by former customers who were unaware that we had opened a new Flagship store in Whitefish Mt. Every where we have been people have approached us and shared their Love for the story. Thank You Lynette Hintze and thanks to all our loyal and lovable customer’s who appreciate Christmas and love Cozy. Thank to the late Thomas Kinkade for the Joy he has shared in his paintings and lighted tapestries.

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A tiny Christmas Miracle from Christmas 2012

Last December a couple visited our Home for Christmas store in Kalispell Mt.  Stan and Pat from Calgary Alberta. They purchased four Thomas Kinkade lighted tapestries and upon arriving Home discovered that one of their tapestries was the wrong one. They called to have it replaced so another was shipped out at no cost and arrangements were made for us to pick it up the next time we visited Canada. Well we never got back to pick up the wrong piece.Yesterday Dec. 2  while at our store in Kalispell I observed a gentleman walking towards our store with what appeared to be a long square Box. I assumed it was a customer returning a purchase. Well you have already figured it out, It was Stan returning the piece a year later to the day that was the wrong one. Needless to say it was a swell moment because it turned out to be a tapestry we needed one year later. I bid him farewell and thanked him for his Integrity and in a moment he vanished out to a snowy wind blown parking lot, to the sound of Bells emanating from the Bell ringers of the Salvation Army.

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Christmas spirit alive and well at new store

Daily Inter Lake.com
Lynnette Hintze

Rob Willington says the Home for Christmas store he and his wife, Bette, opened three months ago in Whitefish is as much a ministry as it is a retail business.

“Our emphasis is not so much on selling as it is trying to establish that home-for-Christmas feeling,” he said. “It’s sharing love, fellowship and kindness.”

With that sentiment in mind, the Willingtons are more apt to guide shoppers to their dining area for a piece of complimentary carrot cake and a cup of tea than to make a hard-core sales pitch about their merchandise.

The store is among the newest additions to the Mountain Mall in Whitefish. It’s located in the former American Bank space and has a storefront near the mall’s main entrance.

The Willingtons are no strangers to the Christmas retail business. They have opened Christmas stores from one end of the country to the other in locations such as Newport Beach, Calif., and Long Island, N.Y. At one time they had 13 Christmas retail stores going at once.

Rob used to operate a wholesale showroom in New York City and with 40-plus years in the Christmas retail business, he knows the industry. The self-described “king of cozy” said the winter climate of the Flathead Valley bodes well for the ambiance the store offers.

Read Full Article Here.

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New Christmas Video

We have a new video promoting our Christmas store in Whitefish, Montana.  The video highlights our many products, cozy atmosphere, and our Thomas Kinkade lighted tapestries.  

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New Line coming to Home for Christmas

We excited to introduce a new line of Quality Christmas products that will bring Joy to your Family for Years to Come. Check the Page “ Santa’s Choice”. Many of the items are Musical and light up using both Battery and electric adapters. Several pieces are worthy of becoming family heirlooms. Some items are reminiscent of the works of Thomas Kinkade and Norman Rockwell. Big Bear Rob saying Bye for today.

Posted 498 weeks ago

Winter arrived here today in Whitefish

Woke up this morning in a winter wonderland with the town a sleep under a four inch blanket of snow. Looked out the window to see three deer resting under a snow laden tree and farther off a gang of wild turkeys scratching for food. Looking out another window was a Black Bear standing on his hind legs cleaning off my windshield . Walked to our Home for Christmas store being Thankful for every thing our God has created to bring us Joy. Sang O Holy night on my walk to the store and soaked up the Majestic Mountain views and when I arrived at the store a Man with a beard and worn jacket walked in. He was from the state of Washington looking to purchase an Angel. He purchased an Angel Sculpture that lights up and left with a Promise to return later for a Hot Coffee and a freshly baked Giant Oatmeal cookie with raisins.

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New illuminated Art for Children

We are delighted to announce a new line of illuminated Canvas Art pieces for Children. They are 8x10 and come in a beautiful Box. The item is produced by “ Mr. Christmas and comes with an easel and timer that shuts off after 4 hrs. These beautiful Art pieces will soon appear on our Webpage . They are priced at only 24.75. They can be ordered on our webpage or by calling Big Bear Rob at 704-221-9683. 

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Sale on Kinkade Tapestries until Nov 15.

All of are large tapestries are now on sale for 20.00 off the list prices, including Thomas Kinkade Pieces. As well any order placed on our website will include a free 25.00 snowflake necklace, that is nestled in a snow silver box with the beautiful snowflake story attached to the cover. Phone orders can be placed by calling 704-221-9583. Ask for Big Bear.

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