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We are a cozy store in Montana creating a joyful experience for your Christmas holiday.

The new Hospitality room is now completed. It provides our customers an area where they can sit down and be served complimentary refreshments in keeping with the season. The room is furnished with tables with linens, lamps and a cozy fireplace. The walls are adorned with Thomas Kinkade paintings and lighted tapestries. Often the aroma of freshly baked cookies is in the air or spiced cider. Smells like Christmas, feels like Christmas, sounds like Christmas and the atmosphere reminiscent of an old world Christmas.

Posted 397 weeks ago

Whitefish Montana now has its own currency!

We are now leasing what was once a bank so we are now issuing our own currency. The nations’s currency is issued by the Fed while ours arrives on a sled.

Yes, Whitefish’s very own Christmas store now has its own currency for you to use to buy your favorite Thomas Kinkade tapestries and other Christmas items.  We also have lighted tapestries and a full selection of Santa’s to decorate your home or office with.  Ho Ho Ho!

Posted 402 weeks ago

The tree that brings cheer .

Home for Christmas, is now creating a new tiny tree especially for older folks in Nursing Homes and Hospitals. It is perfect as well for offices and children’s bed rooms.  The tree is 12 or 18 in high and strung with Battery powered led lights in multi color , blue, green, white or red. The lights have a built in timer as well as three settings, steady, blinking and twinkle. The trees are carefully flocked creating a winter wonderland appearance. They sell for 19.75 and 29.75 with fluffing and lights included. Truly the coziest gift ever created.

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What's new at Home for Christmas

Cozy Fall everyone, it is that time of year when everything tastes good along with the smells in the air. It is such an invigorating time to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy the colors and crisp air. Here at Home for Christmas we are excited about the season before us. We have a new product engineered for Children,  five different sets of Christmas trains all powered by batteries with some sets having a built in re-charger. One set is a Mickey Mouse Disney train. They all play music along with sounds and lights. We also have our new smaller Thomas Kinkade tapestries in at 35 dollars. Big Bear Rob & Little Bear Bette.

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From one of our customers

I met Rob and Bette in Sept. 2012 on a visit to their shop “Home for Christmas”.  While there, I fell in love with the set of four carolers on display, and since Christmas is my favorite holiday, I knew I just needed them for my decorations in our newly added on room where I was going to put up the Christmas tree.  Rob shipped the carolers and the old fashioned lamp post that went with them to California, which is where I live.  As you can see from the pictures, they were a bigger attraction than the Christmas tree in that new room, and they were singing beautiful Christmas carols. 

I had taken my small CD player, placed it behind them where it wasn’t visible, and played the Harry Simeone Chorale CD “The Little Drummer Boy”. The Christmas music was just coming straight from the carolers.  I would have loved to leave them up all year, I enjoyed them that much!  Everyone that visited loved those carolers as much as I did.  The bonus to this little story is that I feel like I’ve made two wonderful new friends in Rob and Bette.  It’s like I’ve known them forever.  This year on my annual trip to Montana with my good friend, we stopped by their shop and it was like old homecoming.  We were all so glad to see each other, and we visited just like lifelong friends.  Rob and Bette are two of the nicest, kindest people and their “Home for Christmas” shop is a dream of “sugar plums dancing in your head”!  Lovely couple with a lovely shop for a lovely time of year.  I hope to visit back for many years to come.


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Home for Christmas.co

We are presently creating a small Christmas Cafe as part of our Store. It will be cozy enough to have tea and Biscuits with Santa and his wife, The dining area will feature a 9 ft. Christmas Tree with 1200 lights, standing next to Fireplace with Thomas Kinkade Art adorning the Walls. Complimentary Beverages and homemade desserts will reward our shoppers who travel from Canada and as far North as the North Pole.

Posted 404 weeks ago

Thomas Kinkade Tapestries

The one feature that folks love about Thomas Kinkade tapestries is that they are not just beautiful images to view but like a fire in a fireplace the tapestries are tastefully lighted to give warmth and life to one’s Home. The tapestry literally comes alive and provides a magical experience for young and old alike. Another wonderful feature is that the tiny lights never need to be replaced and they can be displayed anywhere in your Home since they are powered by three double A batteries with a timer built in. The tapestries can be rolled up and safely stored for years of enjoyment.

Posted 412 weeks ago